Kids' Suggestions for Election Reform

After the 2000 elections, the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colorado) ran a story where kids were asked how to solve the Presidential Election problem. My friend David in Denver sent me the list -- with a few comments added (in parentheses). He missed a few, so I've provided them [in brackets].

Since the election cycle now seems to be four years long, this is timely no matter when you read it....

"I believe they should walk a tight wire because it takes a lot of courage to be president." Mercedes, 10 (Yeah! Without a net!)

"I think they should give a speech of what they'll do for our country but have a lie detector to see if they're telling the truth." Althea, 10 (Bush already lost that one, 57-23)

Constituitional minimalists:

"The person who looks the prettiest in a girl's dress would win because boys look weird in dresses." Christina, 8 (Christina's been surfing the Net unsupervised!)

"Have someone pick a name out of a hat." Levi, 8 [That's what most voters already do!]

"I think we should just forget Florida and move on!" Tanya, 11 (Yes, but to what?)

"I think Al Gore and Gorge Bush should have a sack race because sack races have endings no matter what." Danielle, 10 [Trust me: one or both would fall down well before the end.]

"A better way to choose the president is to put them in a haunted house and whoever comes out of it with dry pants should win." Brittney, 10 [As if Clinton could have passed that test!]

"I think a better way to choose a president is by choosing the one that can hold the most marshmallows in their mouth." Austin, 9 [His dad must have said "That guy has a big mouth!" during the campaign.]

"They should play a game like rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to be president." Michaela, 10 [Unfortunately, they're much more likely to play "missile-thermonuclear device-peacekeeping force".]

Posted February 1, 2013

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