Just How Stupid ARE People?

Very, very, very stupid! This is an absolutely true story.

On November 11, we published the joke, An Amazing Deal on iPads!

No one with 2/3rds of a brain could not see that this item, published at JumboJoke.com, was anything but a joke -- especially considering the photo that ran with the item. (If you didn't see it, go check it now: it's hilarious!)

OK, hold that thought.

Helen from Victoria, Australia, popped in on November 17 and subscribed to the Jumbo Joke new item notification e-mail service -- on the form under the photo on the "iPad" page. (You'll see a similar one at the bottom of this page.)

Helen immediately clicked the "verification" link in the e-mail that her action generated, and just seven minutes later (our e-mail service provider confirms), she then received and opened the resulting welcome message, which in part notes:

Again, this is a notification service, not a joke newsletter. That means we do not send jokes out by e-mail, since they tend to be long, often include pictures or graphics, etc. You get notification of new items with a link to see it, and with enough detail so that if you've "seen it before" you don't waste your time going to look. We think this is the best possible use of our bandwidth and your time.

The e-mail says "jokes" again and again. All is well, yes? Well....

The next day, when a new joke was published, it generated a notification to Helen, just as she signed up to get. She clicked through and read the item, then went back to her e-mail to "unsubscribe" from the notification e-mails. She then complained to us (verbatim):

I have unsubscribed because I have been taken for a ride - I thought I was getting an IPad for $1.- this is not the case. I was put on to it by a friend.

That is how stupid people can be.

Oh, and if you're Helen's friend? Great job!

Posted November 21, 2011

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