Japanese Customs

Warning: pretty crude, but amusing. From Jawn, who got it from Hal, who got it from...?


An American businessman was in Japan. One night he decided to sample the local wares, so he hired a local hooker and was going at it all night with her.

She kept screaming "Fugifoo, Fugifoo!!!" The guy had no idea what it meant, but he took it as great encouragement and kept at it.

The next day he was golfing with his Japanese counterparts and he got a beautiful 340-yard shot and just 50 yards from the pin. On his second shot he sunk it for an Eagle. Wanting to impress the clients, he shouted "Fugifoo!"

The Japanese clients looked quite confused. "What are you talking about?" one asked. "That is the right hole!"

Posted May 31, 2005

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