Is Katrina a "Message" from God?

Among my many friends I count Paul Myers, an ad copywriter and Internet marketer. After Hurricane Katrina flattened New Orleans and many areas near there, he sent out a message to his newsletter subscribers, of which I am one. This isn't a joke, and isn't meant as one, but it is an interesting and thought-provoking item. It's reprinted with permission, and Paul's site is linked at the bottom.


I'm not a religious guy, but I've always believed that the best neighbors you can have are real libertarians or true Christians. (Either group can be of virtually any religion, if you think about it.)

Note that I said true Christians.

There's another variety out there that I call "Born Against" Christians. A lot of those people are saying that this disaster is a message from on high.

Well, I've got a message for them:

To the alleged "Christians" who believe "this is God's punishment on the people of New Orleans for their wickedness and evil," I offer this thought:

If you believe that your God punishes the wicked by drowning the poor, the sick, the very old and the very young, alone in their beds and their attics...

If you believe that your God requires that mothers watch as their children die of dehydration as penance for the "sins" of others...

If you believe that your God would willingly drive people to starvation, hopelessness and despair to make a point...

If you believe any of this, I suggest that you might be confused. True, there is an entity in the Christian faith that would do all of these things, but...

Its name is not God.


©2005 by Paul Myers/TalkBiz, Inc., reprinted with permission.

Posted September 11, 2005

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