Hungry for a Sale [Pic]

I'm often amused by the ads that appear next to the jokes here -- they're automatically selected in an attempt to be "contextual", which is to say that the subject of the ad is supposed to relate to the content on the page, since you'd be more predisposed to click on the ad and buy something if it relates to your interests, which are supposedly represented by your wanting to read the page in the first place.

That makes sense on a "problem solving" web site, but it doesn't always work very well on a general interest site, especially humor sites.

Case in point: I was told there was a typo on one of my blog pages. I went to find it, fixed it, and while I was on the page I happened to see something unusual about the ad targeting there:

Google ad next to story title

The blog post was about how a guy stabbed an intruder to death, then hung the body out his apartment window, and then called out the window to ask a neighbor to order a pizza for him. I titled the story Killin' Just Makes a Guy Hungry.

So naturally, the top resulting "contextual" Google ad is ... Free McDonald's Meal.

That blog post, if you want to read it, is here: Justifiable(?) Homicide: Killin' Just Makes a Guy Hungry -- which may or may not show the same ad again.

Posted January 19, 2009

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