Human Physiology

This came through my mailbox in early 1994. The intro that came with it says it was from the mid-1930s, and happened at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) medical school, second-term human physiology course, taught by Prof. Kenneth Ivors. True? No idea. Funny? Definitely!

Instructor: "Good morning, class. Before we begin today's lecture, I should like to discover how well ye have been tracking the previous material. Miss Warlin, will ye stand?"

She stands. "Can ye tell me, which organ of the body achieves 10 times its normal size when it is excited?"

(She stammers, reddens, says nothing.)

"Ye may sit down. Mr. VanBuskirk, can ye answer that question?"

"It is the pupil of the eye, sir," he says, then sits down.

"Vurra good. Now, Ms Warlin, I have three things to say to you: One, you have not done your homework; two, you have a dirty mind, and; three, you're in for a big disappointment."

Posted September 24, 2012

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