His Little Willie

A man walks into a bar and asks for two shots -- one for him and another for his little buddy.

Bartender says, "Sure. Do you want them both now, or do you want me to wait 'til your buddy gets here first?"

The guy says, "Oh I want them both now -- I've got my best buddy in my pocket right here -- it's my little Willie!"

The bartender figures he's been had by a pervert and is about to throw the man out when he pulls out a 6-inch-tall man and puts him on the table.

The bartender was astonished. "Do you mean to say he can drink a whole drink?"

"Sure, he can drink it all. Pour it on."

Sure enough, the bartender watches in amazement as the little guy drinks down two full shots.

"That's amazing! Can he walk?"

The guy flicks a coin and says, "Hey, Willie, go get the coin, OK?" and Willie runs off after it.

"Unreal," the bartender says, having never seen anything like this in his life. "Can he do anything else? Can he talk?"

"Well of course he can!" the man says. "Hey Willie -- tell the bartender about the time you called that witch doctor a 'dickhead'...."

Posted October 10, 2007

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