Her First Time?

OK, this one is rude, crude, and "dirty". And silly. But when I got to the punchline I laughed like a schoolboy and my wife was amused, so I'm posting it. Don't say you haven't been warned.

- - -

A couple go on their honeymoon, but the lady is a little shy. After much dancing around the subject she finally admits that she thinks her hole is too big for her man.

He tells her she's being silly and after much coaxing she agrees to show him. And it's enormous!

The guy is so shocked he advises her to go to the doctor, and she gets in the next day.

When she gets to the doc's she explains the problem and he's very understanding, saying a lot of women feel this way but it's mostly their imagination.

So she gets on the examination table and puts her feet in the stirrups. The doc takes a look and then lets out one long whistle.

"I'm afraid to say that is the largest female sexual part I have ever seen," says the medical man. "So big I can not imagine how it got that way, and I've been a gynecologist for 22 years. There must be a medical reason, but I can't think of it," he admits.

The women blushes slightly and tells the doctor she knows. "When I was younger, I went on a holiday in India. And while I was there, I, ...well... I had sex with an elephant."

The doctor was obviously shocked but he said "I know that an elephant has a big penis, but it's still not big enough to stretch you that large."

"I know..." said the woman sheepishly. "But I let him finger me first."

- - -

You'll recall I've made it clear I don't want comments or feedback on jokes. But by default, when quitting the e-mail notification service of new jokes (see the upper right on the home page), unsubscribers are given an opportunity to comment. After reading this item, which as you see has huge warnings on the top (which were included in the e-mail notice), AOL subscriber Jan put in an indignant complaint: "Latest joke was NOT funny (even mildly), just crude. I'm not a prude, but REALLY!!!!!"

Let me get this straight: the item was CLEARLY LABELED a "rude, crude, and 'dirty'" sex joke, and even has the note "Don't say you haven't been warned." -- and she has the guts to COMPLAIN?! Unbelievable!

I'll bet everyone here sides with her ex-husband.

Posted May 9, 2007

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