Help Wanted from Communications Expert

Back in 1995, a lot of my friends were just starting to come online. My best friend from high school, Dennis, was one of them. We're both ham radio operators, and one of the first things he found was a number of radio-themed newsgroups. Dennis found this plea for help on Spellings are from the original:

Help Wanted from Communications Expert

I'm looking for a communications expert to gather data, document and then testify in court. I need someone to identify the frequency (bandwidth) my thoughts are broadcasted on. The transmission must be traced back to the repeaters and ultimatly the source.

Testamony of the transmission and what was personally heard must be included and fees for your services will be paid at time of settlement in dirrect proportion to the settlement. I suspect if you do your job correctly the settlement (and your fees) will be substantial enough to travel from other states to perform your task.

Contact Brad at [deleted] or call (909) 595-[deleted].

I never checked to see if Brad, who really did include his last name and real phone number, was a student, or one of the faculty, at Cal State University at Pomona. But I do suspect that the thought-control waves were coming from space aliens....

Posted December 14, 2015

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