God Visits Earth

From my files, dated June 1996.


God comes down to check things out one day ...

He goes up to a guy and says, "If you give me $50 to show your faith in me, I'll give you everlasting life."

The man replies, "I'm an atheist. You don't exist, so that would be a poor investment risk." [whatever, make up your own damn punch line]

Next, He approaches another guy and makes the same offer. That fellow says, "I'm an agnostic, but I'll give you the money Just In Case," and he hands over a $50 bill.

As God selects someone else to approach, another man comes running up to him. "I don't give a damn who you are," the chubby man says to the lord, "but I'm Jerry Falwell, and I'll give you $500 if you show me the trick you did on the second guy!"

Posted September 5, 2005

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