I loved this conversation, as reported in Wired in 1996, between technopundit George Gilder and a techie guy he was talking to while researching an article.

George: Hi, nice to meet you. Hey, that's a sweet access router over there. Wew, both Ethernet and asynchronous ports?

Steve: Yeah, check this baby out -- the Ethernet port has AUI, BNC, and RJ-45 connectors.

George: So for packet filtering you went with TCP, UDP, and ICMP.

Steve: Of course. To support dial-up SLIP and PPP.

George: Set user User_Name ifilter Filter_Name.

Steve: Set filter s1.out 8 permit tcp src eq 20.

George: 00101101000101001110110110110011010001110011.

Steve: . ... .. .. ... ... ..... .. .. . ... .. .... .. .. .... ..

George: Really? Wait, you lost me there....

Posted July 31, 2004

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