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You know how you think of something smart to say hours after an opportunity to say something clever? Sometimes, now and then, you think of something at the exact right time. This is the true story of that happening to me.

Last week I was having lunch with with Leo Notenboom, the uber-geek behind the Ask Leo!® tech information web site and newsletter, and a couple of other geeky IT type guys.

One of the guys mentioned he was "happy as a clam" about something. Someone wondered about that weird idiom, and asked what made clams so happy?

I said that clams were happy that people didn't pry them open to get pearls.

Leo said, "You know, when you said 'pearl' I heard 'Perl'," which showed his tech chops (Perl is a Unix programming/scripting language).

One of the other geeks asked, "Why would a clam need Perl?"

I immediately replied, "Shell scripts."

Appropriate groans were emitted from each geek.

(Non geeks who want to "get" the joke: shell scripts.)

And yeah, I do enjoy meals with geeks: see the previous joke in the "geek" category, linked below.

--Randy Cassingham

Posted August 3, 2011

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