Formal Portrait

I got this in early 2001 from my girlfriend. Later that same year, I married her -- you just can't let a great sense of humor get away.

Note: "R" rated content!

A couple is attending an Art exhibit and they are looking at a portrait that has them a little taken aback. The picture depicts three very black, very naked men sitting on a park bench; two have a black penis and the one in the middle has a pink penis.

As the couple is looking somewhat puzzled at the picture, the Irish artist walks by and says, "Can I help you with this painting? I'm the artist who painted it."

The man says "Well, we like the painting but don't understand why you have three African men on a bench, and the one in the middle has a pink penis, while the other two have a black penis."

The artist says, "Oh you are misinterpreting the painting. They're not African men, they are Irish coal miners and the one in the middle went home for lunch."

Posted May 19, 2004

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