February-December Romance

An old man turned 100 and was being interviewed by a reporter for the local paper. During the interview the reporter noticed that the yard was full of children of all ages playing together.

A very pretty young woman of about 19 served the old man and the reporter, keeping them in fresh tea and running errands for them.

"Are these your grandkids?" the reporter asked, somewhat suspicious.

"Naw, sir, they all be my younguns," the old man replied with a sly grin.

"Your kids?" said the reporter. "What about this beautiful young lady who keeps bringing us tea? Is she one of your children too?"

"Naw, sir," said the old man. "She's my new wife."

"Your wife?" said the surprised reporter. "But she can't be more than 19 years old!"

"That's right," said the old man with pride.

"Well, surely you can't have a sex life with you being 100 and she being only 19," the reporter remarked.

"Yes, sir," said the old man. "We have sex every night. Each night two of my boys helps me on her, and every morning six of my boys helps me off."

"Wait just a minute," said the newspaperman, confused. "Why does it only take two of your boys to put you on, but it takes six of them to take you off?"

"Because," the old man said, shaking a balled fist, "I fights 'em!"

Posted August 12, 2015

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