Fair Treatment of Alternate Theories

If Darwinian evolution is "just a theory" and schools need to give "equal time" to "alternate theories", then it's only reasonable that other scientific theories are also put to some scrutiny. (Boy, good thing we called gravity a "law"!)

Here's just one proposed example:

For the visually impaired, the photo shows the Periodic Table of the Elements -- whose creator, Dmitri Mendeleev, is derided as a "Russian Bigamist". It notes that some scientists disagree on where Helium should be placed, and that "they" keep adding new elements -- "when will it end?"

"Warning" a big red block reads: "Chemical periodicity is a theory. The theory keeps changing. The theory is under dispute. Teach alternative theories to children! (SEE BELOW)

And below, there's the "Official Cobb County Table of Elements" with a State of Georgia seal (which notes its "SAT Scores 49th in the Nation"). "Evolution", "Plate Tectonics", "Big Bang" and "Reason" are crossed off. (Cobb County is where the local school board has been fighting against teaching evolution in schools. Cobb County's "table of elements"? "Earth, Fire, Air, Water."

(Graphic apparently created by Loren Williams, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he's working on curing cancer, among other tasks.)

Posted August 22, 2007

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