Dry Cleaning for a Cheapskate

True story. This conversation with a friend happened after he sat down next to me in a diner.


"Sheesh!" he said. "The dry cleaner wants $40-50 to clean my suede jacket!"

"Leather cleaning is expensive," I agreed.

"I bought the thing maybe 8 years ago, but it's not stained. Just smelly."

"I noticed," I said.

"OK, here's the plan," he said, ignoring my lean away from him.

Uh oh, I thought.

"I'm better off donating it to Goodwill," he continued.

"Oh?" I asked, knowing better than to encourage him.

"They'll clean it and put it on sale at their thrift shop for about $30," he said. "Then I buy it back and take the donation tax write-off."

Yep, he was serious.

Knowing him, if he does it, he'll be mad at the charity if they "cheap out" and don't send it to a leather cleaning specialist.

Posted May 24, 2010

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