Dress Code for Baby Boomers

Now that the Boomer generation is getting ...um... older, it's time to help them realize that there are certain combinations of things that just don't go together in today's fashion world. Boomers are strongly urged to avoid the following:

  • Nose rings and bifocals.

  • Spiked hair among bald spots.
  • Pierced tongues ...and dentures.
  • Miniskirts over support hose.
  • Ankle bracelets with corn pads.
  • Speedos over cellulite.
  • Belly button rings near gall bladder surgery scars.
  • Unbuttoned disco shirts ...showing a pacemaker bulge.
  • Midriff shirts when you have midriff bulges.
  • Bikinis when you have liver spots.
  • Short shorts revealing varicose veins.
  • Inline skates and walkers.
  • And, very importantly:

  • Thongs with Depends.
  • Avoid tragedy! Send the link to this page to a Boomer you love today.

    Posted November 2, 2012

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