Customer Support Escalation

It's a time-honored tradition to rag on technical support types, but you have to give them some credit -- sometimes the people they have to work with are even bigger winners.

This is from my files, dated January 1996. It was sent to me by someone at Microsoft, so I'm pretty sure this is real. It's an internal call escalation memo asking for a support engineer to call the customer back to address his concern....

(And so you don't have to look it up, area code 718 is Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, New York.)

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PSS Customer Escalation


Customer Name: [Personal Name Removed]
Phone#: 718-672-xxxx
Customer Type: Retail
Product: Flight Sim for the PC

Reason For Escalation:
Customer is hearing subliminal type messages hidden within his Flight Simulator for the PC. He hears "Joe Camel is number 1" Over and over again. He believes it is hidden about 20-30 db below the surface. The customer claims he has o db hearing across many wavelengths, so he is particularly adept at picking these messages up. He believes this is "totally unscrupulous" of MS. He is upset about this and wants someone to look into this and explain to him why this is occuring. Failing that he would definitely like someone from the customer advocate center to call him and discuss his issue.

Problem Description:
Please call the customer to discuss issue.

Posted November 12, 2007

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