Customer Service Mea Culpa

I count radio host David Lawrence as a good friend. I've been on his show many times, I enjoy his acting, and I've bought some of his products.

So it was no surprise when I got an e-mail announcing a special deal on one of his sites. But that was quickly followed by another message titled "I am horrified". I quickly opened it up to see what the problem was. First, I was impressed by his mea culpa. I did the same thing once, much to my own horror. But what makes this a Jumbo Joke entry is his aside to "Robert in Yonkers":

After all of my proselytizing on the air about being careful with your mailing lists, some of you just received a notice from 10 Quick Steps that included a small portion of my customer base's email addresses.

I am horrified.

One small checkbox went unnoticed and unchecked, and the customers in your section of the list were placed in the TO box of the message. This has been corrected, but that does not unring the bell.

Your email address only went to other 10QS customers in your particular section of my database, not to a website or to any other mailing list where it can be harvested. I do apologize. And I would be grateful if you were to delete that email message.

I do appreciate the several hundred of you so far who have been on the ball enough to tell me, and to the vast majority of you for being amazingly generous and kind in your language.

And to Robert of Yonkers, New York, I'm pretty sure that an object that large wouldn't actually fit, the way you described, in any orifice, let alone the one you suggested.

Again, I feel terrible, and I do apologize.


David is, in fact, such a good friend that he allowed me to post this here!

Posted March 5, 2007

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