Credit Card Use Expands

This is about as deep as my humor files get. I wrote this and submitted it to Playboy on March 3, 1989 — almost 27 years ago!? — after reading an article that said a medical clinic had won a court fight over charging for their services by credit card.

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Telephone Sex Therapy Clinics to Take Credit Cards

In light of a recent court decision allowing medical clinics to accept credit cards for their services, several sexual dysfunction clinics have announced that they will now accept major credit cards as payment for counseling services. They include:

  • The Clinic for Treatment of Voyeurs will take the "Discover" Card.
  • Those getting treatment at the Bondage and Discipline Clinic can charge to their "Master Card".
  • Patients at the Treatment Center for Extramarital Affairs with Foreigners will pay with their "Visa" cards.
  • The Oral Sex Dysfunction Institute will accept "Diners Club".
  • Patients at the Premature Ejaculation Clinic can pay with their "American Express".
  • The new Center for the Treatment of Persons who Think they can have Sex with Anyone will take "Carte Blanche".
  • "We're still trying to find someone to take the Shell Oil card," said a credit card industry spokeswoman.

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    For some reason, Playboy didn't publish it.

    © 1989, 2016 by Randy Cassingham

    Posted January 20, 2016

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