Cocktails for the 21st Century

Absolute Zero
--Absolut vodka over frozen nitrogen

Alexander the Grrrrrreat
--Gin, creme de cacao, and sweet cream over frosted flakes

American in Paris
--Kentucky bourbon and champagne

Black Sabbath
--Kahlua and Mogen David wine

Blind Faith
--Wood alcohol and sacramental wine

Blood Clot
--Vodka, tomato juice, and Jell-O

Blue Moon
--Corn whiskey and Aqua Velva

Fuzzy Naval Base
--Peach schnapps, orange juice, and ammonia

George Bush
--George Dickel bourbon and Busch beer

--Vodka with a splash of port wine

Honeydew the Dishes
--Midori and Dawn

Marie Antoinette
--Bourbon, cake mix, and flat beer

--Gin, vermouth, and carbon tetrachloride

Mary Poppins
--Vodka, tomato juice, and a spoonful of sugar

Oil of Ole
--Mazola and Sangria

Phillips' Screwdriver
--Vodka, orange juice, and milk of magnesia

Port in a Storm
--Red wine and rainwater

Quack Doctor
--Cold duck and Dr. Pepper

A Rum with a View
--Bacardi and Visine

Rum-Pole of the Bailey
--Bacardi rum, Popov vodka, and Bailey's Irish Cream

--Rice wine, punch, and nitrous oxide

Scotch Tapeworm
--Dewar's and Mescal

--Cutty Sark on the rocks

Skid Roe
--Muscatel and caviar

Sour Kraut
--Schnapps and lemon juice

Sundae Driver
--Vodka, orange juice, and ice cream

Tequila Mockingbird
--Jose Cuervo and birdseed


--Vodka and prune juice.

Posted July 26, 2010

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