Classic Newspaper Correction

I do a lot of research in newspapers all over the world to find articles for my weird-but-true news column, This is True. At times I find things that are very funny, but not the sort of thing I'd publish there....

This is exactly verbatim and how I found this on the newspaper's web site. It's from the Hillsdale (Mich.) Daily News, from December 19, 2005 (including the extraneous hyphens):

Daily News retracts bogus information

The Hillsdale Daily News retracts a bogus item published in its Saturday, Dec. 17, News of Record.

The item listed two men from Waldron as having obtained a marriage license from Hillsdale County. The information was fabricated and inserted as a prank into the news computer system by a member of the Daily News staff, who has been fired. The staff member said he did not intend for the prank to be published and apologized to the two men.

The Daily News management and staff take seriously their responsibility to report the news accurately and responsibly, and any deliberate fabrication or manipulation is unacceptable for anyone associated with this news--paper.

"The Daily News apologizes to the two men who were named and to their families for any harm or em--barrassment this publication may have caused.

The Daily News also apol--ogizes to the Hillsdale Coun--ty Clerk's office. The official record of marriage licenses did not include the names of the men, and the office is not responsible for the error.

Finally, the Daily News apologizes to its readers for this breach of trust. We never knowingly publish false in--formation, and we are using this situation to review our systems and to reinforce throughout our company our mission of delivering ac--curate and fair news.

Kimberly Benedict

(Paper's Web Site)

Posted January 17, 2006

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