Best Correction Ever

London's Daily Mail newspaper gets into trouble a lot: Actress Diana Rigg, singer Elton John, and many others have won damages in successful lawsuits against the paper, for instance.

So in that light, this has to be the best newspaper correction ever run:

Correction from the Daily Mail

It reads:

Clarifications & corrections
OUR EDITION yesterday included a number of articles about immigration, property prices, benefit cheats, political correctness, the EU, crime, things your taxes are spent on, ethnic minorities, and various substances which cause and/or cure cancer.
We have been asked to point out that all these stories were in fact utter bollocks and consisted of misinterpreted statistics, vague rumours, and stuff we just made up on the spot.
We hope by printing this tiny corrections column on page 2 that the Leveson Inquiry will leave us alone to carry on selling loads of papers to those who are gullible enough to believe anything we say.

Is it real? I'm not sure — but I certainly hope so!

Posted October 22, 2012

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