AT&T's Interpreter Service, Domestic Division

This hit my mailbox in 1991, not too long after AT&T really started pushing their new interpretation services.

- - -

AT&T's new Interpreter Service has announced a new dimension in, now, domestic interpretation. Here's a sample:

Operator: 337, this is Tina, may I help you?

Woman: Yes, please dial 555-1212, and I'd like a male-female interpreter, please.

Operator: One moment.

Man: Hello?

Woman: I just want to be friends, Carl.

Interpreter: You're history, buddy.

Man: No! You can't be serious!

Interpreter: Why break up? We can still have good sex!

Woman: Please Carl, don't make this any harder for me.

Interpreter: If you come within a five-block radius of my house, my new boyfriend Carlos will rip off your head.

Man: I don't like it, but I think I understand....

Interpreter: I don't care -- I know your sister too!

Posted November 7, 2007

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