An Instant Mug Shot Classic

Jumbo Joke has a new sister site, Mug Shot Museum. Today's entry is an instant "Hall of Fame" classic from our new site. This is an actual, real-life mug shot -- but read the brief story first!

Pippi Methstocking

John Francis Wallace, 46, of Warr Acres, Oklahoma, is behind bars after a drug raid at his home on Tuesday [23 February 2010].

In addition to the psylocybin mushrooms, marijuana, ecstasy, and methamphetamine that were allegedly found in the home, a bomb squad was called in to remove military-style bullets, a piece of World War II anti-aircraft ammunition, and "enough explosives to blow up a city block" (as one news report put it). The Oklahoma County bomb squad is trying to determine where the very volatile ammunition came from, according to Warr Acres police.

Neighbors say they have been watching the house closely, and have had suspicions about Wallace's activities. "We've known he's been selling drugs and crap like that for a long time," said a neighbor.

Wallace, a convicted felon with prior drug convictions, is being held on $65,000 bail.

We are told that local media have dubbed Wallace "Pippi Methstocking", and we would like to thank them for that -- once we finish wiping the tears of laughter out of our eyes. The crew at Mug Shot Museum thinks Wallace has been playing with explosives for a long time -- we're not sure if his arms are missing, or if he has just gotten used to keeping them tucked in. Either way....

John Francis Wallace Mug Shot

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Posted February 26, 2010

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