Airline Flight Crew for the 21st Century

An elderly woman was going on a plane trip. After being seated, she said to the flight attendant, "This is my first trip and I'm so thrilled, I would like to go meet the pilot to make sure sure he's a good pilot."

"Ma'am," the attendant replied, "Our pilot is one of the best, and she's a woman."

The little old lady said, "that's just great!"

The flight attendant added "Our co-pilot is a woman too."

The woman passenger beamed. She became quite excited when the flight attendant said "Our navigator is a woman too."

The passenger replied, "Oh, that's all wonderful! May I go to the cockpit and meet them all?"

"Ma'am," the attendant says, "we no longer refer to it as a cockpit...."

Posted October 20, 2010

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