Adventures With My New Assistant

I've been training a new assistant in my attempts to get my work week down below the 60-80 hours/week I've been putting in for the past 14 years. Today I showed her the next phase of work: helping research the weird news stories for my flagship weird news site, This is True®.

I showed her the ropes and let her loose, and as she checks out the stories at various news sites, she's sitting over at her desk laughing. Sometimes I've asked her what she's finding.

One example: a college campus in Maryland is having trouble with an overpopulation of deer. The school was experimenting with birth control for deer, but that was proving to be expensive.

What made her laugh: the concept of birth control for deer.

I assured her that's actually a common approach with wildlife; it's not actually weird.

"Huh," she said -- learning something new every day is typical in this job.

"Besides," I said. "You know how slutty deer are!"

I love hearing my assistant laugh: just because someone's getting paid shouldn't mean they shouldn't have as much fun on the job as I do!

Posted February 18, 2008

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