A Steve Wozniak Joke

At the dinner table last Tuesday (July 12, 2011), Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak posed this riddle:

"What day was February 22 this year?"

All of us tried to figure out the joke: obviously he didn't really want to know what day it was on February 22 this year.

We gave up.

"Dunno: what day was it?" several of us said.

"Twosday!" he said with his huge Wozzy smile, leading to appropriate groans from everyone at the table.

I whipped out my 4G Android smart phone (no, I don't have an iPhone!) and flipped back to February.

"Hey," I said. "It really was a Tuesday!"

He found that rather satisfactory.

February 22, 2022 will be a Tuesday too, so remember this joke for then!

--Randy Cassingham
(Yes, I really do know Woz, and my wife and I really did have dinner with him on Tuesday.)

Posted July 18, 2011

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