12 Unfortunate Domain Names

As previously noted on this site, "You have to be careful when you register a domain name!" Here are some more confusable Internet domain names.

Site: KatieSwigs.com (Blog of a hard-drinkin' gal?)
Is really: KatiesWigs.com (Hand-made wigs for theatrical productions)

Site: TeacherStalk.com (Your boy's teacher keeps following him?)
Is really: TeachersTalk.com (Get your teaching credential from Walden University)

Site: AmericansCrapMetal.com (Support for those with iron-rich blood?)
Is really: AmericanScrapMetal.com (Texas metal recycler)

Site: BiGalsOnline.ca (Support for Canuck women who swing both ways?)
Is really: BigAlsOnline.ca (Big Al's aquarium supply in Canada)

Site: BlackHatebook.com (White supremacist site?)
Is really: BlackHatEbook.com (An ebook for "Black Hat" SEO tactics)

Site: Budget.co.ck (Discount male prostitution ring?)
Is really: Budget.co.ck (Budget Car Rental agency in the Cook Islands)

Site: LesboCages.com (For all your lesbian caging needs?)
Is really: LesBocages.com (French arborist, Les Bocages)

Site: NYCanal.com (For gays cruising the Big Apple?)
Is really: NYcanal.com (Travel info about New York's canals)

Site: SydneyTheRapist.com (Guy who brags about his leisure activities?)
Is really: SydneyTherapist.com (Woman sex therapist in Sydney, Australia)

Site: SpeedoFart.com (Explaining bubbles coming from competitive swimmers?)
Is really: SpeedOfArt.com ("Arty" British ad agency)

Site: GloryHolesPorts.com (Gay meetup site?)
Is really: GloryHoleSports.com (Lake fishing guide)

Site: LadRape.co.uk (British Man-Boy Love Association?)
Is really: LaDrape.co.uk (Quilted beadspread manufacturer)

Site: NoBJs.org (Uptight women sharing tips on not giving oral love?)
Is really: NOBJS.org (North of Boston Jewish Singles 40+ -- which is pretty much the same thing)

Posted June 18, 2014

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